Our Strategy

With the global population aging and changing disease profile pattern, Elbrit is well placed to tackle the continuously evolving healthcare demands. Elbrit, as a company has a strong commitment to create long term value for patients, communities, shareholders and the society.

Leader in the growth segments

We aim to develop and market new products in growing areas of healthcare, where we can make a real difference. We focus on cardiovascular, diabetes, gastroenterology, CNS and nutrition market segments, where we believe there is an opportunity for unmet patient needs. At the same time, we are focusing on expanding our geographical presence across India and across the globe.

Patient Centric Approach

Elbrit recognizes that patients and their support communities are the most important part of our approach. We develop all our products with highest standards of quality, which will lead to the best possible patient outcomes. The approach starts from providing the highest quality drugs at the most affordable prices in the most convenient delivery forms to achieve the best possible patient outcomes.

Focus on Healthcare communities

Elbrit strongly believes that healthcare providers and their communities are a natural extension of our very purpose. They are the pillars of strength to the work we do. We as a company will be very much closely associated with the entire healthcare community – hospitals, physicians, retailers, nurses and hospital staff.

Innovation and Excellence

We believe that great values are generated when innovation and excellence go hand in hand together. In every single action, we follow our guiding values of Innovation and Excellence.Elbrit believes that continuous innovation is essential in drug discovery, manufacturing and dose delivery technologies. Innovation in marketing, salesforce and distribution is also key to addressing current market challenges. Innovation and excellence in every aspect of work we do is what defines Elbrit Life Sciences.