Domestic Manufacturing

Our Manufacturing plant is strategically located at Pondicherry, a well renowned global pharmaceutical export hub.Its proximity to Chennai Port and easy connectivity via Air, Road and Train makes it an ideal partner for our clients’ needs. Our facillities are designed in accordance with global standards and processes. Our facilties are designed to produce solid orals, capsules and powder based dosage forms

Production Capacity

  • Tablets – 10 million tablets
  • Capsules – 3 million capsules
  • Powder : 1 million boxes

Domesitc Manufacturing services include

  • Formulation Development
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Stabiity Studies
  • Method Development

Key Features

  • Eco-friendly design of building and premises
  • Effective water and waste management system
  • GMP Record Keeping and GLP Record Keeping
  • Latest and best-in-class HVAC, water and other utility systems
  • Contamination and cross contamination prevention through physical and pressure barriers
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with automatic data recording monitors process control like air distribution, temperature, humidity, auto cleaning process, security by interlocking, intelligent access control, auto loading and unloading and Cleaning-In- Place (CIP) & sterilization in place (SIP)

Highlights – Solid Dosage Formulations

  • Wet and Dry granulation
  • Micronization, Milling and Microdosing
  • Drying by tray, Fluid bed
  • Tablet coating
  • Specific Release Profile coating
  • Bi-layered tablet technology
  • Hard Gelatin capsule filling, pellets filling, mini tablets filling
  • Tablet in capsule technology
  • Tablet printing

Highlights – Packaging

  • Labelling, Barcoding, Cartooning, QR Coding
  • Alu Alu Foil packing, Blister packing – PVC, PVDC, Mono blister, combi pack
  • Mono Carton, Multi carton
  • Bottle packing, sachets packing, powder packing
  • Package inserts

Contract Manufacturing

Fastest lead time amongst domestic manufacturing firms. 2 to 3 weeks from For Contract Manufacturing queries, please contact – [email protected]


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